The Elderwood

I have a fantasy of the Elderwood Bar where olds gather to swap stories about their day, strut their new shoes, drink craft brews, and eat French fries. I want to know what people are doing, what they’re working on, what they’re thinking about, and how they feel. I want to hear their jokes. I have fond memories of casual camaraderie paired with festive beverages. Any liquid will do. It’s the people I’m looking for, the people who share my history. 

Join me here each week for a conversation starter. I promise to be curious, relevant and amusing. Your comments are invited. Share them below or mail them to me scribbled on a cocktail napkin. And thanks for reading.

Billie Best in the Berkshires 2012
Billie enjoying a festive beverage

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4 thoughts on “The Elderwood

  1. First visit to your blog, first post here, but I will definitely let you know if I open an Elderwood Café or Bar in the near future. Great idea! Would love to host chats in between coffee or cocktails about how others – north of 50-60-70 are managing a totally different world of possibilities. I’ll send you 10% of the gate receipts!

  2. Really nice to hear about your life Billie. Sounds like a Bestseller to Big screen
    Story. I love your writing and will follow your stories.
    All best wishes to you from a former neighbor,

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