Clitapalooza: Her flower blooms power

Billie Best


Widowspeak Publishing

January 16, 2024

Empowering Feminist Fiction Spotlights Sex Tech in “Clitapalooza: Her flower blooms power”

[Portland, Oregon] — Widowspeak is pleased to announce the highly anticipated Galentine’s Day release of Billie Best’s debut novel, Clitapalooza: Her flower blooms power. Set to captivate readers with its unique blend of feminism, humor and adult romance, this bold narrative promises to be a must-read for women seeking an authentic voice and a fresh perspective.

In Clitapalooza: Her flower blooms power, Billie Best explores the delicate intersection of intimacy and technology as her protagonist Meryl, a happily married university professor, decides to play games with her sex life and finds herself caught in a digital trap.

According to Best, “My driving interest was the confluence of sex toy technology and women’s sex lives in a world where purity culture still dominates social norms. Just saying clitoris makes some people squeamish, and yet female orgasms are being monetized by a sex tech industry predicted to top $40 BILLION this year.” 

In Clitapalooza: Her flower blooms power the main character has a beautiful sex life with her husband until she stops taking it seriously and starts playing around recklessly online. Then her vibrator starts talking to her toothbrush, and they appear to be conspiring against her. But she’s too embarrassed to get help from her husband, or lawyers and law enforcement, so she enlists her friends in her defense. Fortunately, her best friend’s a doctor, her yoga pals love her, and her students know computer code. The problem is, she’s made a game of her sex life and now she wants to quit, but she didn’t read the fine print and she’s going to have to hack her way out of the internet jungle. 

Clitapalooza is girl talk on steroids, a feminist revenge fantasy with a spicy romance and a technology twist, set in a contemporary college town and told from multiple points of view, including 60-ish women, college students, a biotech scientist, and a very perplexed husband. It’s a wild ride through one woman’s body and the future of sex tech. Readers will laugh out loud. 

Topics & Themes

  • Orgasms as wellness, sex tech marketed as healthcare.
  • Mature marriage, older adult romance, and post menopause sex life.
  • Failure of healthcare and education systems to include the clitoris in anatomy.
  • Shame and misogyny women feel toward their own bodies.
  • Artificial intelligence, sex tech and the invasion of privacy.
  • Biotechnology monetizing sexual activity.

Unconventional Romance: The novel challenges traditional romance narratives, offering a unique and empowering perspective on intimacy.

Humorous Exploration: An entertaining and thought provoking take on the complexities of modern relationships.

Feminist Empowerment: A celebration of female friendship and creative problem-solving.

Technology Twist: The story explores the intersection of technology and personal pleasure, spotlighting the world of sex tech and its potential consequences.

About the Author

Billie Best is an authentic voice living out loud, sharing her experience of being a female human on planet Earth. Her memoir, blog and feminist fiction elevate her grit to inspiration as she challenges her readers to open their minds, embrace change, and appreciate the unexpected. Find her weekly posts at

Billie Best says, “I wrote this book to start a conversation. Women aren’t going to be safe and healthy if we can’t name our body parts in public and talk openly about how they work.” 

Book Details

Title: Clitapalooza: Her flower blooms power

Author: Billie Best

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Feminism, Humor/Satire, Romance/Erotica

Release Date: Galentine’s Day, February 13, 2024

Format: paperback and ebook

Available at: Amazon,, and wherever books are sold

Media Kit:

Contact for review copies, interviews, or other media inquiries.

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