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I’ve had a vagina for 65 years, so I just assumed I knew everything there was to know about it. But recently vajayjays have been in the news with the release of research about how they work and what makes them happy. In particular, there’s a new book out called The Vagina Bible. Putting those two words side by side makes me queasy, but evidently a woman gynecologist has written a new user manual that explicates a lot of topics either misrepresented or completely omitted in previous texts. Female masturbation is being spotlighted for its health benefits. And a cohort of women entrepreneurs are hard at work mixing potions and making toys for the pleasure of women. These influencers are the new Clitorati, women changing the way women enjoy sex.

Since men bit the apple they’ve been complaining that they don’t understand the vajayjay. A recent headline announced “Rabbits may hold key to solving mystery of human female orgasm.” They could have just asked us. But no. Scientists actually fed female rabbits Prozac to suppress their desire, and establish a correlation between diminished orgasms and a diminished number of eggs released by their ovaries. Rabbit desire? Rabbit orgasms? Do their ears get stiff and clap? To keep the results consistent, all the females had sex with the same male. The scientists named him Frank. Cute. Of course, it would have been difficult to do this study with humans. So they just extrapolated the results of their study from rabbits to women. Hey, what’s the difference? Mystery solved.

If sex didn’t feel good, we wouldn’t do it. How’s that for an explanation? A woman’s desire for the pleasure of sex erases her memory of the discomfort of pregnancy and the pain of childbirth. Like the taste of wine makes you forget your worst hangover. Orgasms are Nature’s way of ensuring humans reproduce. If women hated sex because it hurt, it would be called rape, and no one would be safe enough to sleep together. Not men. Not women. Remember Lorena Bobbit? There may or may not be a linkage between the female orgasm and release of eggs from her ovaries. But there is definitely a linkage between the pleasure of sex and the number of humans walking around. I don’t think we need rabbits to tell us that. 

If you look at the anatomy of the clitoris, the female orgasm machine, it makes perfect sense that it extends through the vulva and around the vagina in a fleshy wishbone, perfectly placed to amplify the ecstasy of penetration. Orgasms aren’t just for reproduction. The health benefits are myriad and life long. Women young and old benefit from activating the biochemistry of pleasure, the gush of blood circulation, and the soothing muscle relaxation. Even the experience of menopause can be mitigated with new lubricants, new toys, new technology, and new thinking. It’s not your grandma’s vibrator I’m talking about here. Explore the possibilities and keep in touch.

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